So I have been thinking about having my own blog for couple of years now. Never brave enough to do it. And as the definition of my life is spontaneity I just did it.

It might sounds silly to someone but I love taking a look back. A little time travel never hurted anyone, right? When I was a little girl I had a diary. I was about twelve years old, starting the horrible teenage mode, everything was new and complicated, so I wrote a diary about my adventures and friends. And to be honest to each other, who didn´t try? At least once… Five years later I found the diary which I forgot about and found stories and feelings which have explained everything. I discovered that if I listened to myself five years ago I didn´t have to end up being all hurt and confused. Since that moment I do this permanent. I look back to the past on old facebook posts, text messages, emails… and see what I talked about, though about and felt. And finally I can see things clearly. Don´t take me wrong. This is not supposed to be negative post! I use it as my own superpower. Learn from my mistakes, see where I was and how far I´ve come. Which desicions I have taken and why. Growing up stronger and wiser. Loving myself.

Another reason, less important but still important, is English and maping my memories. I am Czech and I have been living in England (close to Brighton) for twenty months now and I wanted to have my own blog to make something like a memory book, with maps, photos, thoughs and tips if someone out there would share the same passions as me and practise English fun way at the same time. Learn and love!



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