Lost and found


Do you ever make a plan when you go out? Ever think of having a day out and knowing what you are actually going to do? Here is another word pretty connected to my personality. Random.  I simply love not to make any plans. Usually when I have exact plan it goes all wrong. Unfortunately as I only have two days free of work in a month I must have at least some idea of what am I doing. So that happened I went to London on Sunday morning to meet one of my friends I know for years and haven´t been in touch for months. And as I said already. The whole plan failed. My poor thing was sick so I sent her on the train home and decided to stay and play with a new camera I received a night before. And because “random” is my thing, one of my another friends was in town that day so we were silly together.

It is such an amazing thing when you meet someone who is as crazy as you and make you feel free to be yourself. Always spend time with people who only make you better in who you are and treat them well. As my beautiful friend is Italian we flown on that wave.

If you are so into pizza and pasta, you will love this one. In rush hours is basically impossible to find a place to sit and eat in center of London, even though number of restaurants in that city is insane. No complaints, here. Massive foodie. On  57 St Martin’s Lane, London (five min walk from Leicester Sq) is situated tiny “restaurant” which will give you exactly what you need. Low prices, nice meals, portions big enough to actually fill you, beautiful stuff. Anything more needed? Let me introduce you Pepe Italian street Food.

Regardless our stomachs were fully satisfied my taste buds didn´t have enough of Itaian flavours. Time for a dessert. So we contitued our walk through the town wherever our feet took us. It is fair enough to say I love the feeling I am lost. My orientation is the pure rubish. First few days when I lived in Brighton I used to walk a dog with Google Maps in my phone. Explained enough. But after all these years of being lost anywhere and everywhere I found such a pleasure in it. Except the part when family and friends ask me where I was on my little trips and I don´t know the answer, looking like a complete idiot, it is actually amazing. Can walk around for hours and explore the world.


( Hotel Chocolat, 25 Old Compton St, London W1D 5JN)

And how we walked, the world was nice to me and gave me my dessert. Another Italian restaurant right infront of us, VICO, 1 Cambridge Circus. I felt in love with that place. I am obsessed with colors and lights. So when we saw that beauty, there was no doubt we are gonna step inside. I could not help but ordered three scoops of ice cream just for myself. Bloody orange with chocolate, blood orange on it´s own (yes I love oranges,  grapefruits, lemons…) and the last one was absolute magic. Roasted plum. That taste is just amazing. Feeling of plums exploded in your mouth. Take my words seriously. You have to try this if you are around.



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