Zoeva Nude Spectrum


Today I recieved my order from Beauty Bay and was able to try a cosmetic brand wich I´ve never touched before. Zoeva.

Nude Spectrum is eyeshadow pallete which containts 15 beautiful shades, mix of mattes, shimmers and mettalic colours. Packaging is just gorgeous. It feels soft and velvety with copper gold writing and decoration lines which change into rainbow colours. Pallete is light and a really nice size to take on a way. Eyeshadows are free of parabens, mineral oils, fragrances, phthalates and are enriched with vitamin E.


Most of the colours, especially shimmer and mettalic ones have amazing pigmentation and have buttery texture to apply nicely and are easy to blend. Only shades I would be happy if they had better pigmentation are the very light colours such as ND130 and ND140. But they can be used as transition shades or for highlithing the brow bone.

I tried to use gold and copper mettalic shades (ND040 and ND090) as a eyeliners and it was super easy and nice to work with. Only needed a thin brush, did not have to wet them at all.


I bough the Zoeva Nude Spectrum pallete in sale for 23.50£ which isn´t bad to give it a try for 15 nude colours which can create day to day make up as well as some bold night out look.


Swatches on a day light:





7 thoughts on “Zoeva Nude Spectrum

  1. I really love the pictures at the bottom of this post! It is quite nice to see the shades applied rather than just pictures of the product. Really enjoyed reading 🙂 If you have time, check out my blog, I am also a beauty blogger! Thanks x

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    1. I am happy you like it!! When I am searching for reviews before I buy the product I am happy if I can see it in “action” too. I will always try to add some pictures of actual using the products and looks it can do. I am happy to take a look on your blog of course! 🙂

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    1. Awhh thank you so much, darling! I am loving the colours in this palette. I am massive pinky- chocolate brown – goldie fun and this have bits from each. 🙂 xx

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