About me and this blog


I have moved from Czech republic to the United Kingdom in the early autumn 2014 and started to work here as an au-pair. What else, huh? I live close to the Brighton, where I hope to move soon and start something new and exciting because I believe that Brighton is the best city in England, Europe, the world… ? Well,… the best I know and I haven´t had a chance to travel too much but I simply just love it down there.

A few years ago I used to love makeup. I did makeup and hairstyles for my family and friends for any occasions, fancy parties including (I freaky love them) and it was just something I passionately loved because it was fun. I love the idea of wearing different makeup depending on your mood, current feeling, your personal style, expressing yourself… and I also love colors and art. Then for some time in my life it all stopped and now I am happy to start over again and do what I like. I am not saying I am good at it, but I like it. And it would be a pleasure for me to share it with people with the same interests as me.

Another big part of my hobbies is taking cooking. I am a massive foodie. So every now and then I will try to write a post about some nice recipe or a restaurant I went to, to keep it interesting. It is linked to a changing lifestyle I am working on. And running this blog through it will keep me motivated.

I would love to travel more and I don´t mind if it´s overseas or just a town next to I am living. I love to explore and I love taking photos of everything. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. So this helps me to practice my photography.


I am a big fighter for a positive lifestyle. And I don´t mean only healthy lifestyle including eating veggies and running on regular basis. I mean positive for your creative mind, your loving heart, positive in the friendships, work experiences and life decisions. So every now and then I will write a deeper post based on my life adventures. Not too much. Just to keep that balance between a pilates challenge, the right shade of night out lipstick and happiness in my heart that I sorted out my mind and shared my thoughts with the world. Which is also another reason why do I keep using my notsoawesome English to write my posts. Because it is a universal language for being  connected with the whole world. With people from different countries and cultures. And in a conversation between two or more human beings, there is nothing I would love more than respectful sharing of ideas and opinions.  … So please, talk to me. I do not bite 😉


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