Roasted chicken with orange and rosemary

This is super easy to cook and the orange makes the chicken taste fresh and juicy.

What will you need:
whole chicken
3 oranges
unsalted butter
fresh rosemary
rock salt
freshly grounded pepperchicken with orange

Cut the two oranges into quarters and the third orange into slices if you want to mix it up a little.
Grate the orange peel of two oranges into a small bowl and mix it with a butter (about 100g). Squeeze one or two orange quarters in the butter mixture.
Cover chicken with half of butter mixture and rub it into the skin.
Push another half between the meat and the skin by lifting and pushing the butter inside with your fingers.
Fill the chicken body with orange and arrange the rest around the chicken following by fresh rosemary. Season well with salt and pepper.
I always bake my chicken covered until the meat is cooked through. Then return to the oven uncovered to roast the skin. Baste the chicken every few minutes to keep the meat juicy and skin crispy.

chicken orange

orange chicken


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