Where to go for one day trip in South West England

I have moved to England almost three years ago and I must say I do know it here better than I know my home place. But there is still so much to discover. I am a total junkie when it comes to something natural. A hundred years old tree, the very first blooming flowers in spring, the feel of sea waves on your feet or tiny bees collecting sweet nectar.

Summer in England can be pretty hot (Yes, they do have summer here.). But no, it does not last long. So if you wake up on your day off work and you see the sun shining on you through the window, you have to use it. It might just be gone as quickly as it came.

Lancing beach
I have never experienced sandy beach before. Only stones. Lots of “hard and painful to walk on” stones. And so my friend took me to Lancing on a sandy beach. It was so freeing to run around in bare feet. Feel the soft sand and shallow waters underneath me and breathe in a salty summer breeze. If you are patient you will bump into cute crab babies. It is a perfect place to take a dog for a walk and play in the shallow sea. Also, the beach is separated for swimming and dog walking.


Devil´s Dyke
As much as I am a city girl, I do love day in a country side. The view is incredible. Fields on one side and the sea on the other. It is perfect for walks and picnics. And you can have a snack in the pub up the hill. But be careful. It is pretty windy there. I always forgot even when the wind is cold the sun still has its strength and I end up looking like a lobster. Someone else? And you probably meet loads of cows on the way, chilling in the sun.






Highdown Gardens
Those gardens are beautiful and divided into different sections full of flowers, trees and ponds. It is much bigger than it looks like and I have never seen so many benches in one place before. Entry is free but you can leave a donation on the way out. Two minutes walk from the garden is a hotel and little cute Tea Room with an incredible choice of cakes.



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