Festival ready Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow palette

I am a big Urban Decay fan, but when this palette came out I thought I am going to save my money. But then I saw it in a shop and tried it and well, fell in love with it. This simple it is.


You could not ask for more luxurious packaging. It is a perfect size with a big good quality mirror as we are used to from Urban Decay and I personally, love it on the go. The pigmentation is incredible, both, dry and wet. But I do recommend using fingers more than a brush and do the eye make up first, then complexion. There is going to be some fallout and you don’t want glitter all over your face. Or maybe you do?!


Swatches are dry with my finger.

Little tip: Use a setting spray instead of water. If using a small brush this palette is amazing to use as an eyeliner! You can also top up your lipstick or lip gloss with some glitter! Get the most out of it.



Top eyeliner – using Element from this palette
Bottom – using Thrash from Electric palette, UD



3 thoughts on “Festival ready Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow palette

  1. Wow this palette is gorgeous! I love love love the shades, especially ‘element’, ‘vega’ and ‘galaxy’. Also look lovely on you! x


    1. This palette is one of my absolute favourite! Also the price is great compare to buying individual Moondust eyeshadows. Awhh thank you!! xx

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