My 25th Birthday

A week ago on Saturday, I turned 25. That´s big one. I mean, no I still do not think about marriage, children or getting a mortgage. Like most of those, I know in my age. I think about, where my next travel adventure will be and how to tick another line in my bucket list.

And I also think about what I have learnt in 25 years of life.

  1. Only love is sometimes just not enough. People need so much more. Trust, honesty and care. Ability to compromise and space to grow. Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, it will never be enough. Don´t hurt yourself. Have your heart open, but choose wisely. And always love yourself!
  2. People come and people go. And that´s okay! I used to be upset a lot about losing friends. It is so hard to make new friends once you are grown up. But I have learnt that there is no need to be upset about it. You move on with your life, your interests change, you choose different life paths and that´s okay. It doesn´t mean you do not care about each other anymore.
  3. Trying to fit in or look the same like everyone else is a waste of time. Only go to a gym to be healthy and if you find it fun. Not because of all the butt pictures on Instagram. If you wanna cut your hair really short, just do it! Fancy a green lipstick? Wear it!

I spent my birthday weekend with one of my good friends and also alone and I had the best time. We went to Bills for breakfast and it was beautiful. I love that place. And I will definitely be coming back to try new Autumn menu.


We had a little walk around Brighton and I had some time with my camera. I really don’t need much to be happy.


As a part of Debenhams Beaty Club I received an invitation for birthday beauty treatments. I spent a good 30 minutes at Elizabeth Arden The Red Door Experience and let myself enjoy facial oxygen blast. Based on your skin preferences you can choose from several different oils which are then loaded into something like a gun. It is then held against your face and spraying oxygen mixed with oil into your complexion. All you feel is a refreshing breeze. My skin felt hydrated and smooth and it definitely had benefits to a makeup application afterwards. If you want to give it a try, you can book yourself in for £15.

I felt blessed to be treated at Urban Decay after my oxygen blast. It is my favourite makeup brand and I was happy to receive full makeup treatment as a birthday gift. Obviously, I had to try new Naked Heat palette, because I heard so much about it. And it really is beautiful. There was no way leaving without it and I cannot wait to take it with me on holiday to Ibiza in a couple of weeks.



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