Shopping at Whittard of Chelsea

If you know me or just follow my Instagram you would know, I am crazy about tea! Every time I go back home to see my family in the Czech Republic my mum would buy me tons of boxes of my favs teas and filled my suitcase with them completely!

I have tea for everything! I have maroon red fruit tea for cosy evenings in, green tea with pineapple for summer weekend mornings, rosehip tea full of vitamin C for autumn colds and so on and on…

copper rose buds

One of my favourites is Yumchaa , which I discovered in Camden Market about a year ago. But as it is in London, I can´t  get my hands on it as often as I would like to. Yes, I could order it online, but it is not personal. Just as I would have never read a book from iPad or whatever. It´s just not the same. Some things I just like to feel and smell, if you know what I mean. Not in a creepy way!

chelsea gardem

So when I discovered Whittard of Chelsea in Brighton, while walking around a couple of weeks ago, I knew I have to come back there. They have over hundred different teas available in the shop and hot chocolate and coffee and I love it. There is a lose tea and instant tea and tea in bags! And green tea, black tea, fruit tea and matcha. Everything!


And what I love the most? You can actually try some tea for free before you buy it. Like, how many times I thought to myself… Oh that herbs and spices combination sounds good I am gonna try that… and then at home, I realised that is just not my cup of tea!

lose tea

The picture above is green tea with mango and passion fruit, which I have taken home with me because that smell is just divine!

Also, if you find the tea you would like, but they don´t have it in the form you like, you can ask them to measure some for you. Just as I found the tea above in the little caddies, but I wanted more grams in a paper pouch. They have the biggest caddies you can imagine there and will measure and pack it for you just as you wish. Tea heaven.

Happy pumpkin spice seasoncoffee heavencatetier copperrose buds

The picture above is from the seating area they have in the back of the shop. That is where I sat and tasted my teas, before leaving with three of them. Look at those rosebuds! How cute is that?!

PS.: I finished my shopping with a hot chocolate takeaway, because why not, eh?!


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