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So after two years, I have decided to go self-hosted. I have a new name and am super excited about all the new things coming. Go check it out and give it some love.

Lucie, the Czech girl

Hope to see you all there.

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My hometown photo gallery – Autumn

As mentioned in my previous post My 25th Birthday I did celebrate my birthday here in Brighton. And it was the first time I have not been with my family. Yes, I was sad, obviously. I missed blowing candles on a cake and having that secret wish on my mind. Yes, I missed my beautiful dog helping with opening my presents. But, for the first time, I felt like I am celebrating my birthday like a grown-up woman more than a little girl.

Anyway, as much as I love my life here in the U.K. on the beach, I do still miss woods and mountains I grew up around in my homeland. So, I have decided to share with you a little gallery of snaps I took in September a year ago.44D972EB-87A9-46B1-97D9-DEFEED7F4616

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My 25th Birthday

A week ago on Saturday, I turned 25. That´s big one. I mean, no I still do not think about marriage, children or getting a mortgage. Like most of those, I know in my age. I think about, where my next travel adventure will be and how to tick another line in my bucket list.

And I also think about what I have learnt in 25 years of life.

  1. Only love is sometimes just not enough. People need so much more. Trust, honesty and care. Ability to compromise and space to grow. Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, it will never be enough. Don´t hurt yourself. Have your heart open, but choose wisely. And always love yourself!
  2. People come and people go. And that´s okay! I used to be upset a lot about losing friends. It is so hard to make new friends once you are grown up. But I have learnt that there is no need to be upset about it. You move on with your life, your interests change, you choose different life paths and that´s okay. It doesn´t mean you do not care about each other anymore.
  3. Trying to fit in or look the same like everyone else is a waste of time. Only go to a gym to be healthy and if you find it fun. Not because of all the butt pictures on Instagram. If you wanna cut your hair really short, just do it! Fancy a green lipstick? Wear it!

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Cosy coffee shop in Burgess Hill

On the Park

(155 London Rd, Burgess Hill RH15 8LH)

I do attach to places a lot. Usually because of the people. When I moved over here to the UK lots of little things in my live were these “first-time” pleasures. The first date, first time making a friend “from scratch”, first time moving to a share house… And every single place, bar, a town I have visited felt all new and ready to make memories.

Last Saturday I went to a cafe here in a tiny, tiny town I live, where I haven´t been over a year. It was called different, decoration was different, but the feeling remained.

Waiters are really sweet, food is nice and fresh, all home cooked… and all those cakes!  If you are passing by, this place is worth giving up few minute in your busy lives.

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About me and this blog


I have moved from Czech republic to the United Kingdom in the early autumn 2014 and started to work here as an au-pair. What else, huh? I live close to the Brighton, where I hope to move soon and start something new and exciting because I believe that Brighton is the best city in England, Europe, the world… ? Well,… the best I know and I haven´t had a chance to travel too much but I simply just love it down there.

A few years ago I used to love makeup. I did makeup and hairstyles for my family and friends for any occasions, fancy parties including (I freaky love them) and it was just something I passionately loved because it was fun. I love the idea of wearing different makeup depending on your mood, current feeling, your personal style, expressing yourself… and I also love colors and art. Then for some time in my life it all stopped and now I am happy to start over again and do what I like. I am not saying I am good at it, but I like it. And it would be a pleasure for me to share it with people with the same interests as me.

Another big part of my hobbies is taking cooking. I am a massive foodie. So every now and then I will try to write a post about some nice recipe or a restaurant I went to, to keep it interesting. It is linked to a changing lifestyle I am working on. And running this blog through it will keep me motivated.

I would love to travel more and I don´t mind if it´s overseas or just a town next to I am living. I love to explore and I love taking photos of everything. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. So this helps me to practice my photography.


I am a big fighter for a positive lifestyle. And I don´t mean only healthy lifestyle including eating veggies and running on regular basis. I mean positive for your creative mind, your loving heart, positive in the friendships, work experiences and life decisions. So every now and then I will write a deeper post based on my life adventures. Not too much. Just to keep that balance between a pilates challenge, the right shade of night out lipstick and happiness in my heart that I sorted out my mind and shared my thoughts with the world. Which is also another reason why do I keep using my notsoawesome English to write my posts. Because it is a universal language for being  connected with the whole world. With people from different countries and cultures. And in a conversation between two or more human beings, there is nothing I would love more than respectful sharing of ideas and opinions.  … So please, talk to me. I do not bite 😉

Trip to Seven Sisters and what have I learnt with moving to another country

I do apologize I haven´t really been active on my blog lately. I had so much going on and my working hours raised up to 70+ hours per week so I promise you I am doing my best to keep going. This post is going to be more personal and full of photos so I hope that it is not going to set you off. There will be a bit of travel and a bit of my life.

I am not very good in writing so I will try to just start. I have been au-pair in the United Kingdom for almost two years now. And I can tell you it is not only about long holidays, meeting people and discovering a new culture. It is a hard job to do.
Obviously, you have to love children. I lived with three families, and two of them definitely have a place in my heart. But that is not what I want to talk about. Today I want to tell you about something that I have been fighting with for the last couple of months. Friendship. Personal life in general. Au-pairs don´t have “normal” working hours. And in my case I was very limited with people I was seeing. Good thing is, it is much easier to find friends in England than in the Czech Republic. People are nicer, and especially in Brighton, you will find people from the whole world. But it is the dark side of it as well. Every single friend I have made here, was a friend only for few months, or even ” one coffee” or “one party” friend if you want. Not that we would stop talking or anything like this.
But most of them moved back to their homes or continue their journey in the world. I have friends all around Europe. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic…. And this experience has taught me to appreciate every little moment.

Live every day like it is your last one. Laugh until you make your eyes cry and your tummy hurts. Feel until your emotions will make your brain spin around. Don´t stay in the past. Move over your mistakes. Move over pain someone else caused you and use it as a gasoline to keep you going further.

I was growing up in a place full of abuse and bullying. And I though I am only supposed to live an ordinary life. Go to boring work, pay bills. End of story. But then I made a random decision to try something new. Because what we do in our lives never just stop. We just choose to go the different way. Every end is a new beginning.
My life has changed completely and my soul started to actually feel alive if you know what I mean?! And I am not going to stop here.

We don´t have to remember everything what people told us or what they did. But we will always remember how they made us feel.

And last Saturday I spent with an amazing person. With an Italian girl who became my friend for life. She came to my life at the moment I needed and was a friend I wanted. This day wasn´t really a goodbye. It was “see you soon”.
She is moving back to her home in Italy today, but I know that no matter where she will be or where I am going to go, we will meet again. And it gave me a new hope that not only her but every person who crossed my live journey and is meant to belong to my heart will come again in the right moment, right place.
I have always been a protective and caring person about those I love. But it took me almost 24 years to treat myself the same way.

You don´t like when someone is messing around with your friend or family member, right? You fight that person back? Good! So why would you let someone to treat YOU that way?

Stay away from people, who make you feel like you are hard to love.
Love yourself first, everything else will fall into the right place just like a puzzle piece. And do not try to please everyone. If someone cannot make themselves happy, you will not be capable of doing it for them. They will only suck the energy out of you.

Uh, now move to the funny part. Seven Sisters! If someone tells you it´s just cliffs… Do not believe them! I did. My exceptions were low. But as I said above, it was my last day with a very special friend so I was pretty much happy to do anything, just to share it together. We took a bus to Eastbourne from Brighton (about an hour way) and as we were listening to music on the bus, singing, and dancing, we missed the station and instead of stopping in the middle of the way to see Seven Sister, we ended up in Eastbourne. It is exactly like Brighton. Only clearer and people are older, and it is missing that spark and soul my favourite party city has. Lol! So we took the bus back again and went to discover that piece of nature. It was cloudy and kind of blurry out of colours in the beginning. But as we walked towards to cliffs, the sun was becoming brighter. Yay!
It is not a whole day trip, more like a quarter. But it is stunning! Breathtaking. Fill your lungs with salty oxygen and your heart with positive energy. I could just sit up there forever letting my hungry eyes satisfy themselves with the colours and beauty of nature. Country side with sheep and river on one side, white cliffs with beach and beautiful sea on the other. You can see where the river is flowing into the sea and is changing
its movement. I love South of England. So there you go. (I made nearly 300 of photos that day. To be fair I am camera maniac.)
I think that these pictures will say it better than my poor expression.

Lost and found


Do you ever make a plan when you go out? Ever think of having a day out and knowing what you are actually going to do? Here is another word pretty connected to my personality. Random.  I simply love not to make any plans. Usually when I have exact plan it goes all wrong. Unfortunately as I only have two days free of work in a month I must have at least some idea of what am I doing. So that happened I went to London on Sunday morning to meet one of my friends I know for years and haven´t been in touch for months. And as I said already. The whole plan failed. My poor thing was sick so I sent her on the train home and decided to stay and play with a new camera I received a night before. And because “random” is my thing, one of my another friends was in town that day so we were silly together. Continue reading “Lost and found”


So I have been thinking about having my own blog for couple of years now. Never brave enough to do it. And as the definition of my life is spontaneity I just did it.

It might sounds silly to someone but I love taking a look back. A little time travel never hurted anyone, right? When I was a little girl I had a diary. I was about twelve years old, starting the horrible teenage mode, everything was new and complicated, so I wrote a diary about my adventures and friends. And to be honest to each other, who didn´t try? At least once… Five years later I found the diary which I forgot about and found stories and feelings which have explained everything. I discovered that if I listened to myself five years ago I didn´t have to end up being all hurt and confused. Since that moment I do this permanent. I look back to the past on old facebook posts, text messages, emails… and see what I talked about, though about and felt. And finally I can see things clearly. Don´t take me wrong. This is not supposed to be negative post! I use it as my own superpower. Learn from my mistakes, see where I was and how far I´ve come. Which desicions I have taken and why. Growing up stronger and wiser. Loving myself.

Another reason, less important but still important, is English and maping my memories. I am Czech and I have been living in England (close to Brighton) for twenty months now and I wanted to have my own blog to make something like a memory book, with maps, photos, thoughs and tips if someone out there would share the same passions as me and practise English fun way at the same time. Learn and love!