The Liebster Award

So it happened, that I have been nominated by wonderful Alexa Ceza for The Liebster Award. Like, I don´t even know how that happened, but I love it. A huge thank you for you Alexa and her post. For all the new bloggers, this is an opportunity to feel a bit more like you belong there. Like we are all in it together.

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Festival ready Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow palette

I am a big Urban Decay fan, but when this palette came out I thought I am going to save my money. But then I saw it in a shop and tried it and well, fell in love with it. This simple it is.


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Benefit skincare range b.right!

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I have been using Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion for couple of months now and I am loving it. I used to use it every day before I applied my day cream on and last time I was at Benefit store in Debenhams I decided to try some more. Also it was a bubbly benebabe who made me buy it if I am honest, but how could I say no when it is one of my favourite brand anyway.

At first I have problematic skin. Oily, sensitive, with redness and acne. And I never did more than some cleaning as I though that cream would only make oily skin worse etc… Thanks god silly Luci grew up a bit since than and started to hydrate that poor skin and give it some more care than just putting tons of foundantion on to hide it all. Health first, beauty follows.


I use a Foamingly Clean facial wash in the evening after a take my make-up off to give it some deeper clean. It will leave your skin clean and fresh without dryness, irritation or tense and can be used for all skin types. And it is also super simple to use. You will only need little amount in your hands, activate with water and massage all over your face (not eyes) until you create cleansing foam, rinse with fresh water after. It is a relieve to wash your face without a burn!


After cleaning my face from make up and impurities I go for Moisture Prep Toning Lotion. And I can tell you since I own it, I can´t go a day without it. On the instruction is written to use by applying on a cotton pud. I don´t do that. And I talked to a Benefit gal and she doesn´t either. It would be such a waste as cotton pud would suck it all in. I have been using it for few months now, everyday, sometimes twice a day, and I hardly used half of a bottle. Simply spill two drops into palms of your hands and spread over your face, neck, decollete. This will prepare your skin to absorb moisture from your moisturizing cream, gel, whatever you use, better and also tone your skin. Main ingredients are meadowseet and oat botanical extracts, a blend of aloe leaf and yeast extract.


Third step I do is giving my skin super deep boost with Instant Comeback Facial Serum. The description says “age defying booster serum”. This little bottle contains tri-radiance complex which will help to protect your skin from aging, hydrate it and maximalise effectivness of your complete skin care routine. I was bit worried in the begging as the bottle seems really small. But the concetration is really high in this serum and again you only need two drops for your whole face and neck to cover.



And the very last but ot least Total Moisture Facial Cream. Again I use this cream morning and evening and even though it is meant to be for normal to dry skin I did not recognize any problems with my t-zone. I would rather said it made my face looking balanced all over. Not dry at all but not oily either. Cream absorbs nicely but as it is quite thick you can still feel like a tiny layer on your skin, like a protection but it is not as noticable to bother me or to affect my foundantion when I apply it after. Total Moisture also contains tri-radiance complex and can be used as a face mask if your skin is really dry.

To sum it all, I can´t really say what works the most or what doesn´t as I use them all as a step skin care routine. But I can say honestly that my skin never looked better, never felt healthier. My acne (scars included), my pores, redness,  tone/colour of my skin, it all got so much better. Only negative side is the price. These four products together did cost me around 100-110£. It is a lot for me. But it last for months and I can see the results so over all I love it. And the packagin is fresh and cute, looking good on my table, haha! Xx