Rome photo diary

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Solo woman travel experience

A few weeks ago I made one of my dreams come true. The Bucket List just became a little shorter. I spent six days in beautiful Rome. On my own. And it was one of the best moments I have had in my life. Everything in Rome is huge. Breathtaking. And filled with stories to be told.

I was told that I am brave for travelling on my own. I was told: “How can you ask for a table for one? Especially as a single girl?”  I mean… who made up those rules, anyway?  Continue reading “Solo woman travel experience”

Living abroad alone – 5 tips when you are feeling homesick

Be proud of yourself

This is probably the most important point to have on your mind while living abroad alone. You need to realise how much have you achieved. Stepping out of your comfort zone and leaving all your securities, stable job, cosy home, friends, dog and family behind you to build something new elsewhere needs a courage. This on its own should flow some enthusiasm back to your veins.


Bring your talismans with you 

Wearing your lucky shirt or those boots which were with you on every festival will keep you ready for new adventures. Have the same bracelet with your friend who lives hundreds of miles away. Necklace from your mum which you never take off no matter what. Printed photographs glued on your mirror. It might sound cheesy, but having something you can actually touch works much better than drowning yourself in thoughts on those you are missing. Just as a warm hug is better than “It´s gonna be okay, mate!” text.


Tastes like home

As a food lover, I like to try new dishes. But there is nothing just as satisfying as a chicken soup from my mum or goulash from grandad. Cooking or baking food I used to love as a little girl or a recipe for Christmas sweets from my mum fill my stomach just as well as my soul.


Keep yourself busy

When things are not working out don´t just sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Everyone is homesick from time to time and that is absolutely okay! But you need to know what your passion is to keep you going.  Set yourself goals to motivate you. Improve in your hobbies. Start a painting or photography course. Do a yoga challenge. Travel to explore the new place you moved in. Enjoy “ME time”. You might as well meet new friends. And if you achieve your goals or improve your skills it will bring you to the point one. Comfort zone…being proud… Feeling good? Whoop whoop!


Connect with people 

Find people with the same lifestyle as you have. Sharing your stories and feelings with someone who is experiencing the same happiness and troubles as you are is basically a free “homesick therapy”.  Find groups on Facebook or go to couch-surfing meetings. It´s a good way to explore your new home. See where locals go and what they do. Less you feel like a tourist, more you feel like at home. At the point, you meet people from your home country and realise you communicate together not using your mother language is the moment you know “You´ll be fine.”


My basic must-have essential make-up for natural simple look



I remember how I fell in love with Benefit cosmetic. I was in Debenhams to buy a new foundation as my Dior Star was empty. And I was much happier with Dior Forever anyway so I went to a Dior to ask for a match as your skin is changing during the time, you go paler or tanned etc. and the lady who was there was so “friendly” I had to leave. I mean, if you go for a high-end makeup you kind of expect kind and professional service too. I am not rich enough to buy a 30£ foundation to find out later on the daylight it looks awful (we all know lightning inside of the shopping centers)  or after two hours of wear it feels heavy or become oily on my skin.

So I walked around and a lady from Benefit started to talk to me, sat me down and showed me everything. I left with a full bag of things I didn´t exactly need. But to be fair we don´t really need makeup. We want makeup. Right?

Benefit the Porefessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores

  • oil-free, lightweight, transparent, works immediately
  • I use it as a base under my foundation. But not all over my face. Only t-zone or small places which need softening.
  • Porefessional fills your pores immediately and makes your skin looking smooth and even for a flawless look.
  • Balm/creamy texture is slightly tinted but after applying becomes almost invisible.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup in shade 2N1 Desert Beige. I used to wear Big and Easy by Benefit during the summer, but I like to change my foundations even when I am happy with them. When I use something on my skin or hair for too long it gets used to it and it does not work the same anymore.

  • Coverage is supposed to be medium, buildable. But for me, it feels more as a full coverage. I usually do not use any other correctors on top of this foundation as I prefer natural look most of the times and it would feel cakey.  But you can definitely build it up if needed without looking orangy or plastic.
  • SPF 10
  • Stays on all day. Semi-matte finish.
  • On official Estée Lauder UK website, I found 44 different shades.
  • I am desperately missing a pump!

Benefit Hoola soft matte bronzing powder 

  • Probably the most favourite bronzing/contouring matte powder.
  • Packaging is cute and simple and also contains a brush.
  • You can buy it in two sizes 8g and 4g. I personally have the small one. Using it for months and have plenty.
  • As you can see on a swatch picture you can build it up as much as you need depending on your skin tone.
  • Colour suits everyone.
  • TIP: If need of super quick and natural makeup, use as an eyeshadow for a natural look.

Benefit Rockateur shimmer blush

  • This is my favourite blush of all times. I haven´t used blush before and ever since I have it I am so used to using it now, without a blush, I feel like plain paper. It really gives your cheeks beautiful natural colour which you can build up into much more drama sexy night out look.
  • The blush contains shimmer. But you are not going to look glittery, it just brights your smile up.
  • Contains brush.
  • TIP: When I am super busy and don´t have time to play with makeup but still wants to look good this is my life saver. I use it on the apples of my cheeks, blend out to give nice define to my cheekbones instead of contouring and also give a quick colour to my eyelids instead of wasting time with eyeshadows. It gives your face even healthy look.And you are ready to go in no time! Woke up like this?

LORÉAL Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit

  •  Contains pigmented wax, setting powder, angled brush, spooley brush and tweezer
  • You can buy it in two shades Light to medium and Medium to dark.
  • Allows you to create natural looking brows or build up into the bold strong look.
  • TIP: I personally use only powder if I want a super natural look and only need to fill in. Or use the wax first to shape and than “stick” the powder into it if I like bold looking brows for the full makeup look.
Top swatch – wax, Bottom swatch – powder, Kit in shade medium to dark

Benefit Gimmer Brow in shade Medium/Deep

  • Volumizing fiber gel
  • Can be used on its own for natural looking brows. Or on top as a last but not least for volume and final fixing.
  • Water proof, long lasting
  • Fills, defines, fix

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil in shade 6

  • Brow filling and shaping
  • I like the fact it´s not too soft so it doesn´t smudge and stay in place but can be blended easily.
  • No need of sharping.
Top swatch – Gimme Brow, Bottom swatch – Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body in shade Aura

  • Note one? I am in love with this!
  • Packaging contains 6g of beautiful product, brush and a small mirror which is something I love about UD product. Mirrors!
  • It is really hard to show in the picture but it is super pigmented. After blending into the skin the powder has a luminescent pink base with gold glitters on top.
  • You only need a little amount.
  • It is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.
  • If you go out in the summer for a festival or something like it I can imagine on tanned skin this will make your body glow like a pinky sun!

Benefit Watt´s up! Highlighter 

  • This was my first ever highliter which I absolutely love. Perfect for summer to give your face natural peachy gold glow.
  • The stick is super easy to use and for blending you can either use your fingers or sponge which is part of the cute packaging.
  • TIP: Only problem I have, it doesn´t work well with thicker foundation. Better apply on top of light foundation such as Big and Easy by Benefit which is more a BB cream with higher coverage, or to leave a little place on your skin where you want to apply this highlighter without the foundation. Otherwise, it goes smudgy, look uneven and instead of gold glow makes your skin look dirty.
  • Great for “strobing” makeup

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

  • Absolutely love the brush.I haven´t seen any other like it. Looks different on each side of the brush. Thanks to the brush the mascara is super easy to apply on both lashes, top and bottom. I also use the brush for brushing lashes if I use different mascara as it separates them and gives them a volume.
  • Feels lightweight.
  • Dries quickly once applied it is hard to add another coat as lashes feel kind of hard. But it is not a problem for me. It stays on a place and doesn´t need another coat. If needed you can use They’re Real! Tinted Primer.
  • After a whole day wear, it doesn´t leave any marks under my eyes. I felt asleep in it, I was partying for almost 12 hours in summer weather and it didn´t make me look like a panda. Hooray!

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

  • I bought this mascara in a deal packaging Total Perversion together with an eyeliner.
  • Gives volume, lenght and curls. Also is super pigmented. Black is black!
  • Love to use two coates for more drama look.
  • I would probably said the same things about Perversion as about Roller lash. Only difference for me is Perversion gives you more drama. But I love them the same.
Top – Loréal Paris Sexy Balm in shade Sheer as If, Bottom – Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in shade Rush

Loréal Paris Sexy Balm in shade Sheer as If

  • Tinted balm to gives you moisture on the go while still looking chick and juicy.
  • You have a choice of sheer or bold.
  • Not an very longlasting (sheer! I also have a bold colour one and it is super pigmented and hardly goes of your lips) but easy to apply on the way without a need of a mirror.
  • Non sticky.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in a shade Rush

  • One of the first lipsticks I bough from UD and also one of my absolute favourite.
  • Creamy texture, beautiful day wear nude-pink colour, moisturising.
  • TIP: If I need a long wear effect I combine it with Essence Lip Liner in shade Satin Mauve.
Natural looking make up

Used: Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Gimme Brow, Perversion Mascara, Hoola bronzer on eyelid

Natural looking make up

Used: Brow Artist Genius Kit – wax and powder, Roller Lash Mascara, Rockateur on eyelid



Zoeva Cocoa Blend Giveaway


I just wanted to say thank you to Kay and her blog Shoes and Glitter for this lovely giveaway she managed for her followers. She is doing a great job and I think it is worth to check her out! Cocoa Blend was also one of the things on my wish list and this was the first time I ever won something. Little things matter!!

About me and this blog


I have moved from Czech republic to the United Kingdom in the early autumn 2014 and started to work here as an au-pair. What else, huh? I live close to the Brighton, where I hope to move soon and start something new and exciting because I believe that Brighton is the best city in England, Europe, the world… ? Well,… the best I know and I haven´t had a chance to travel too much but I simply just love it down there.

A few years ago I used to love makeup. I did makeup and hairstyles for my family and friends for any occasions, fancy parties including (I freaky love them) and it was just something I passionately loved because it was fun. I love the idea of wearing different makeup depending on your mood, current feeling, your personal style, expressing yourself… and I also love colors and art. Then for some time in my life it all stopped and now I am happy to start over again and do what I like. I am not saying I am good at it, but I like it. And it would be a pleasure for me to share it with people with the same interests as me.

Another big part of my hobbies is taking cooking. I am a massive foodie. So every now and then I will try to write a post about some nice recipe or a restaurant I went to, to keep it interesting. It is linked to a changing lifestyle I am working on. And running this blog through it will keep me motivated.

I would love to travel more and I don´t mind if it´s overseas or just a town next to I am living. I love to explore and I love taking photos of everything. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. So this helps me to practice my photography.


I am a big fighter for a positive lifestyle. And I don´t mean only healthy lifestyle including eating veggies and running on regular basis. I mean positive for your creative mind, your loving heart, positive in the friendships, work experiences and life decisions. So every now and then I will write a deeper post based on my life adventures. Not too much. Just to keep that balance between a pilates challenge, the right shade of night out lipstick and happiness in my heart that I sorted out my mind and shared my thoughts with the world. Which is also another reason why do I keep using my notsoawesome English to write my posts. Because it is a universal language for being  connected with the whole world. With people from different countries and cultures. And in a conversation between two or more human beings, there is nothing I would love more than respectful sharing of ideas and opinions.  … So please, talk to me. I do not bite 😉

Trip to Seven Sisters and what have I learnt with moving to another country

I do apologize I haven´t really been active on my blog lately. I had so much going on and my working hours raised up to 70+ hours per week so I promise you I am doing my best to keep going. This post is going to be more personal and full of photos so I hope that it is not going to set you off. There will be a bit of travel and a bit of my life.

I am not very good in writing so I will try to just start. I have been au-pair in the United Kingdom for almost two years now. And I can tell you it is not only about long holidays, meeting people and discovering a new culture. It is a hard job to do.
Obviously, you have to love children. I lived with three families, and two of them definitely have a place in my heart. But that is not what I want to talk about. Today I want to tell you about something that I have been fighting with for the last couple of months. Friendship. Personal life in general. Au-pairs don´t have “normal” working hours. And in my case I was very limited with people I was seeing. Good thing is, it is much easier to find friends in England than in the Czech Republic. People are nicer, and especially in Brighton, you will find people from the whole world. But it is the dark side of it as well. Every single friend I have made here, was a friend only for few months, or even ” one coffee” or “one party” friend if you want. Not that we would stop talking or anything like this.
But most of them moved back to their homes or continue their journey in the world. I have friends all around Europe. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic…. And this experience has taught me to appreciate every little moment.

Live every day like it is your last one. Laugh until you make your eyes cry and your tummy hurts. Feel until your emotions will make your brain spin around. Don´t stay in the past. Move over your mistakes. Move over pain someone else caused you and use it as a gasoline to keep you going further.

I was growing up in a place full of abuse and bullying. And I though I am only supposed to live an ordinary life. Go to boring work, pay bills. End of story. But then I made a random decision to try something new. Because what we do in our lives never just stop. We just choose to go the different way. Every end is a new beginning.
My life has changed completely and my soul started to actually feel alive if you know what I mean?! And I am not going to stop here.

We don´t have to remember everything what people told us or what they did. But we will always remember how they made us feel.

And last Saturday I spent with an amazing person. With an Italian girl who became my friend for life. She came to my life at the moment I needed and was a friend I wanted. This day wasn´t really a goodbye. It was “see you soon”.
She is moving back to her home in Italy today, but I know that no matter where she will be or where I am going to go, we will meet again. And it gave me a new hope that not only her but every person who crossed my live journey and is meant to belong to my heart will come again in the right moment, right place.
I have always been a protective and caring person about those I love. But it took me almost 24 years to treat myself the same way.

You don´t like when someone is messing around with your friend or family member, right? You fight that person back? Good! So why would you let someone to treat YOU that way?

Stay away from people, who make you feel like you are hard to love.
Love yourself first, everything else will fall into the right place just like a puzzle piece. And do not try to please everyone. If someone cannot make themselves happy, you will not be capable of doing it for them. They will only suck the energy out of you.

Uh, now move to the funny part. Seven Sisters! If someone tells you it´s just cliffs… Do not believe them! I did. My exceptions were low. But as I said above, it was my last day with a very special friend so I was pretty much happy to do anything, just to share it together. We took a bus to Eastbourne from Brighton (about an hour way) and as we were listening to music on the bus, singing, and dancing, we missed the station and instead of stopping in the middle of the way to see Seven Sister, we ended up in Eastbourne. It is exactly like Brighton. Only clearer and people are older, and it is missing that spark and soul my favourite party city has. Lol! So we took the bus back again and went to discover that piece of nature. It was cloudy and kind of blurry out of colours in the beginning. But as we walked towards to cliffs, the sun was becoming brighter. Yay!
It is not a whole day trip, more like a quarter. But it is stunning! Breathtaking. Fill your lungs with salty oxygen and your heart with positive energy. I could just sit up there forever letting my hungry eyes satisfy themselves with the colours and beauty of nature. Country side with sheep and river on one side, white cliffs with beach and beautiful sea on the other. You can see where the river is flowing into the sea and is changing
its movement. I love South of England. So there you go. (I made nearly 300 of photos that day. To be fair I am camera maniac.)
I think that these pictures will say it better than my poor expression.

Natural lip balms


EOS – Evolution o f smooth

  • Usual price around 6£
  • 95% organic, 100% natural
  • shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil, beeswax, coconut oil, olive fruit oil, sunflower oil
  • I really like the smell, taste and the idea of that little ball. And there was a time I used to absolutely love it and take it with me everywhere. But as time passes I found another alternative of natural cosmetic and suddenly I liked EOS just because it was EOS. If you know what I mean. It is not a bad lip balm. But it is not my favourite anymore either.

PureBee Sensitive

  • Price 3£ (
  • All organic.
  • The lip balm contains only two ingredients. Beeswax and cold pressed camellia (tea) oil.
  • I bought this lip balm in a Brighton market when I discovered small cute shop with tea and honey. And as I am big honey lover I had to try their organic natural cosmetic. The balm is thick and makes a protective barrier on your lips. I think it will find its place especially during the winter and windy weather.

Balance Me

  • 100% natural
  • This little baby I had free included in Glamour magazine.
  • It is full filled with caring ingredients like sweet almond oil,coconut oil, beeswax,
    shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip fruit oil, mango seed butter, cocoa seed butter, mandarin red peel oil, peppermint leaf oil, rosemary extract, sunflower oil or vitamin E. Applied on lips the lip balm leaves fresh minty feeling.
  • I fell in love with it so much I had to by one more. Again the lip balm is 100% natural. I would say it is something between the lip balm and tinted lip gloss.
    And I use it mostly when I do some super natural makeup as it´s looking gorgeous, mostly if your lips are naturally darker.

100% Natural Lip Roll-on in Berry

  • Price 4£
  • 100% natural
  • Main ingredients are castor seed oil, soybean oil, lanolin, sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, sunflower seed wax, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil.
  • You can get yours at The Body Shop. It is a very oily balm, and can feel nice on the lips as long as it´s “wet”. When it dries all the hydration disappears. I don´t think I will use mine anymore.

Honeymania Lip Balm

  • Price 4£ (The Body Shop)
  • 100% natural
  • Contains community Trade honey made from the nectar of wildflowers.
  • I love everything with honey. I don´t take this balm with me on the way as I do not like applying it with “dirty” fingers. But I love to use it after my evening routine when I do a gentle peeling my lips with a toothbrush. I apply a thick layer of Honeymania all over my lips and leave overnight for soft lips.

Burt´s Bees

  • Price 3,70-4£
  • 100% natural
  • Lip balm contains Sunflower seed oil, beeswax, coconut oil, castor seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, pomegranate seed oil, lanolin, soybean oil
  • Lip balm with pomegranate oil. This balm is one of my favourites, leaving lips smooth and moisturized. Even though balm in the packaging has nice deep pink/red
    colour it is transparent on your lips.

Crazy Rumors

  • Price 3,50£
  • 100% natural
  • Balms contain macadamia seed oil, olive oil, organic shea butter, candelilla wax, soybean wax, jojoba seed wax, carnauba wax, vitamin E, stevia.
  • Crazy rumours balms in Apple spice and Orange juice. My absolute must haves.
    They are vegan, smell and taste divine and also helped my lips with healing after a cold sore. I have already used one whole in apple spice and had to purchase another one.




Benefit skincare range b.right!

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I have been using Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion for couple of months now and I am loving it. I used to use it every day before I applied my day cream on and last time I was at Benefit store in Debenhams I decided to try some more. Also it was a bubbly benebabe who made me buy it if I am honest, but how could I say no when it is one of my favourite brand anyway.

At first I have problematic skin. Oily, sensitive, with redness and acne. And I never did more than some cleaning as I though that cream would only make oily skin worse etc… Thanks god silly Luci grew up a bit since than and started to hydrate that poor skin and give it some more care than just putting tons of foundantion on to hide it all. Health first, beauty follows.


I use a Foamingly Clean facial wash in the evening after a take my make-up off to give it some deeper clean. It will leave your skin clean and fresh without dryness, irritation or tense and can be used for all skin types. And it is also super simple to use. You will only need little amount in your hands, activate with water and massage all over your face (not eyes) until you create cleansing foam, rinse with fresh water after. It is a relieve to wash your face without a burn!


After cleaning my face from make up and impurities I go for Moisture Prep Toning Lotion. And I can tell you since I own it, I can´t go a day without it. On the instruction is written to use by applying on a cotton pud. I don´t do that. And I talked to a Benefit gal and she doesn´t either. It would be such a waste as cotton pud would suck it all in. I have been using it for few months now, everyday, sometimes twice a day, and I hardly used half of a bottle. Simply spill two drops into palms of your hands and spread over your face, neck, decollete. This will prepare your skin to absorb moisture from your moisturizing cream, gel, whatever you use, better and also tone your skin. Main ingredients are meadowseet and oat botanical extracts, a blend of aloe leaf and yeast extract.


Third step I do is giving my skin super deep boost with Instant Comeback Facial Serum. The description says “age defying booster serum”. This little bottle contains tri-radiance complex which will help to protect your skin from aging, hydrate it and maximalise effectivness of your complete skin care routine. I was bit worried in the begging as the bottle seems really small. But the concetration is really high in this serum and again you only need two drops for your whole face and neck to cover.



And the very last but ot least Total Moisture Facial Cream. Again I use this cream morning and evening and even though it is meant to be for normal to dry skin I did not recognize any problems with my t-zone. I would rather said it made my face looking balanced all over. Not dry at all but not oily either. Cream absorbs nicely but as it is quite thick you can still feel like a tiny layer on your skin, like a protection but it is not as noticable to bother me or to affect my foundantion when I apply it after. Total Moisture also contains tri-radiance complex and can be used as a face mask if your skin is really dry.

To sum it all, I can´t really say what works the most or what doesn´t as I use them all as a step skin care routine. But I can say honestly that my skin never looked better, never felt healthier. My acne (scars included), my pores, redness,  tone/colour of my skin, it all got so much better. Only negative side is the price. These four products together did cost me around 100-110£. It is a lot for me. But it last for months and I can see the results so over all I love it. And the packagin is fresh and cute, looking good on my table, haha! Xx


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick


Today I am going to talk about my favourite lipsticks these days. Favourite bits of my make-up box at the moment, to be honest. Urban Decay has launched their new collecion with 100 shades of lipsticks few weeks ago.

There are 6 different indulgent finishes:

  • Mega Matte (super intense matte)
  • Comfort Matte (cream matte)
  • Cream
  • Metallized (cream with a high level of pearl)
  • Sheer (creamy with a shiny finish)
  • Sheer Shimmer (slightly transparent with pearl)

17 different colour ranges:

  • Deep plums/Purples
  • Fuchsias
  • Red-Oranges
  • Hot Pinks
  • Blue-Based Reds
  • Wines
  • Yellow-Based Reds
  • Roses
  • Corals
  • Browns
  • Mauve-Nudes
  • Rose-Nudes
  • Classic Pinks
  • Pink-Nudes
  • Peach-Nudes
  • Nudes
  • WildCards

50 Matching lip pencils


For now I personally own 6 different shades with 3 finishes and I am sure I will get some more.

This creamy formula is loaded with nourishing ingredients. A yummy butter blend comforts, hydrates and enhances, leaving lips soft and conditioned, never dry. Aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils nourish and soften lips. Illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture. And Vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants. – Urban Decay

This description above from Urban Decay official web site is one of the reasons why I love these lipsticks so much. For someone with sensitive skin and super dry lips is almost impossible to wear lipstick comfortably. Vice lipsticks are the first one which have changed my habit in finishing my make-up with a lip colour instead of a lip balm and actually made it fun.

All of the lipsticks I own and I have tried applied nicely, their pigmentation is just unreal and after drying on the lips there is no extra dryness or peel off. Even the Mega Matte finish allows me cofortable wear for 6 hours (eating, drinking) straight without loosing any pigment or need of any extra hydratation. Bless!


Left side is after removing – Right side with Pandemonium

(You can see that pigmentation still stays on your lips even after the lipstick fades away)

As there is not a matching lip pencil for each colour, you can either use one lip pencil for more lipsticks from one colour range or use their Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil. I chose this one for all of my lipsticks as to be honest it is cheaper and you can use it for any lipstick you have at home. It makes the lipstick last even longer, keeps it in place and primes your lips so the pigment doesn´t run into your lips lines. It also makes your lips look smoother.



Hex (Mega Matte), Backdoor (Metallized), Conspiracy (Metallized)

Backdoor and Conspiracy I actually did not try on. I have ordered them and many shades (like Hex and Disturbed, etc.) are a bit similar which I think is a good thing as you can find the colour you like and then the shade which matches your skin tone. I am going to give one of those to my mum.


Pandemonium (Mega Matte), Venom (Cream), Big Bang (Metallized)

I am telling you, you cannot really say what Big Bang looks like from a photo. Go and try it on. I have never been a fan of a bright pink barbie kinda lip but this shade is just so unique. I have never wore anything like this on my lips before.


Backdoor, Hex, Conspiracy


Big Bang, Venom, Pandemonium

If there is a thing I do not like about these lipsticks is that they are not kiss-proof. They do transfer. However, a little less after they dry out. You can kiss a piece of tissue to get most of the layer off or use a powder to minimalize that effect. On the other side Rimmel Provocalips are non transfer but when I take them off I need a lip skin transplantation. Anyone else have the same problem?

Pandemonium (Mega Matte)




Big Bang (Metallized)




Venom (Cream)




Conspiracy (Metallized)




Backdoor (Metallized)




Hex (Mega Matte)




Hope that you enjoyed the review and I would love to hear from you! Have you tried them already? Are you part of the #lipstickismyvice team or not excited? Xx