Solo woman travel experience

A few weeks ago I made one of my dreams come true. The Bucket List just became a little shorter. I spent six days in beautiful Rome. On my own. And it was one of the best moments I have had in my life. Everything in Rome is huge. Breathtaking. And filled with stories to be told.

I was told that I am brave for travelling on my own. I was told: “How can you ask for a table for one? Especially as a single girl?”  I mean… who made up those rules, anyway?  Continue reading “Solo woman travel experience”


Trip to Seven Sisters and what have I learnt with moving to another country

I do apologize I haven´t really been active on my blog lately. I had so much going on and my working hours raised up to 70+ hours per week so I promise you I am doing my best to keep going. This post is going to be more personal and full of photos so I hope that it is not going to set you off. There will be a bit of travel and a bit of my life.

I am not very good in writing so I will try to just start. I have been au-pair in the United Kingdom for almost two years now. And I can tell you it is not only about long holidays, meeting people and discovering a new culture. It is a hard job to do.
Obviously, you have to love children. I lived with three families, and two of them definitely have a place in my heart. But that is not what I want to talk about. Today I want to tell you about something that I have been fighting with for the last couple of months. Friendship. Personal life in general. Au-pairs don´t have “normal” working hours. And in my case I was very limited with people I was seeing. Good thing is, it is much easier to find friends in England than in the Czech Republic. People are nicer, and especially in Brighton, you will find people from the whole world. But it is the dark side of it as well. Every single friend I have made here, was a friend only for few months, or even ” one coffee” or “one party” friend if you want. Not that we would stop talking or anything like this.
But most of them moved back to their homes or continue their journey in the world. I have friends all around Europe. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic…. And this experience has taught me to appreciate every little moment.

Live every day like it is your last one. Laugh until you make your eyes cry and your tummy hurts. Feel until your emotions will make your brain spin around. Don´t stay in the past. Move over your mistakes. Move over pain someone else caused you and use it as a gasoline to keep you going further.

I was growing up in a place full of abuse and bullying. And I though I am only supposed to live an ordinary life. Go to boring work, pay bills. End of story. But then I made a random decision to try something new. Because what we do in our lives never just stop. We just choose to go the different way. Every end is a new beginning.
My life has changed completely and my soul started to actually feel alive if you know what I mean?! And I am not going to stop here.

We don´t have to remember everything what people told us or what they did. But we will always remember how they made us feel.

And last Saturday I spent with an amazing person. With an Italian girl who became my friend for life. She came to my life at the moment I needed and was a friend I wanted. This day wasn´t really a goodbye. It was “see you soon”.
She is moving back to her home in Italy today, but I know that no matter where she will be or where I am going to go, we will meet again. And it gave me a new hope that not only her but every person who crossed my live journey and is meant to belong to my heart will come again in the right moment, right place.
I have always been a protective and caring person about those I love. But it took me almost 24 years to treat myself the same way.

You don´t like when someone is messing around with your friend or family member, right? You fight that person back? Good! So why would you let someone to treat YOU that way?

Stay away from people, who make you feel like you are hard to love.
Love yourself first, everything else will fall into the right place just like a puzzle piece. And do not try to please everyone. If someone cannot make themselves happy, you will not be capable of doing it for them. They will only suck the energy out of you.

Uh, now move to the funny part. Seven Sisters! If someone tells you it´s just cliffs… Do not believe them! I did. My exceptions were low. But as I said above, it was my last day with a very special friend so I was pretty much happy to do anything, just to share it together. We took a bus to Eastbourne from Brighton (about an hour way) and as we were listening to music on the bus, singing, and dancing, we missed the station and instead of stopping in the middle of the way to see Seven Sister, we ended up in Eastbourne. It is exactly like Brighton. Only clearer and people are older, and it is missing that spark and soul my favourite party city has. Lol! So we took the bus back again and went to discover that piece of nature. It was cloudy and kind of blurry out of colours in the beginning. But as we walked towards to cliffs, the sun was becoming brighter. Yay!
It is not a whole day trip, more like a quarter. But it is stunning! Breathtaking. Fill your lungs with salty oxygen and your heart with positive energy. I could just sit up there forever letting my hungry eyes satisfy themselves with the colours and beauty of nature. Country side with sheep and river on one side, white cliffs with beach and beautiful sea on the other. You can see where the river is flowing into the sea and is changing
its movement. I love South of England. So there you go. (I made nearly 300 of photos that day. To be fair I am camera maniac.)
I think that these pictures will say it better than my poor expression.