Ibiza off-season tips – travelling in October

I love Autumn, but as my full-time job includes sitting in the office for long hours I didn’t really enjoy much of the summer sunshine this year. And so, I and my friend have decided to prolong the summer for a while this year and we flew to Ibiza for a week, the second week in October. You probably know that already if you follow me on Instagram, as I have posted quite a few pictures. (And talked about it quite a bit in last month, ha ha!)

We didn’t start it off very successfully thanks to the French strike. (thank you very much) In the end, we had to pay three flights each to arrive a day later! But eventually, we arrived in the beautiful Ibiza town. Eivissa, if you wish!

Ibiza town

I am not yet experienced traveller, but I thought I would share some tips with you, which might come handy:

When to go:

I travelled off-season as it was cheaper. It did work out when I went to Rome this spring. (You can check a little gallery here.) But on a tiny island like Ibiza, you better go with paying more and stay over peak time if you want to do something more adventurous. If you are more about to lie on the sandy beach, ride the wave on a plastic doughnut and drink sweet cocktails, you will be just fine. We still had over 25C every day in the middle of October.

If you travel off season be aware of:

  • Some bus routes/times will be very limited. Careful while planning a day trip and check your way from/to airport.
  • Water sports on some places might finish even when the weather is still hot.
  • If the club season is still on (Closing parties), you might have to pay for a taxi. Popular Disco Buses finish end of September / beginning of October.

Where to stay:

  • I would suggest finding a hotel away from main towns, such as Ibiza town. I stayed in two places, Ibiza town in a cheap apartment and in San Antonio Bay ***Hotel all Inclusive. And you can get much better deal staying away from the centre. Boat taxis can get you across the bay or around the island on any famous beach you like. Or you can get a bus across the island. If traffic is not too busy it will not take more than 20-30 minutes to drive across the island.
  • If you are on a budget and plan to visit some of the beaches such as Cala Conta or Cala Bassa, I recommend taking a picknick/snack with you. Prices of food there start somewhere on 20€. For a starter!

Budget (off-season prices):

  • If you find a good last-minute deal on All Inclusive you save a lot of money. (We paid for 3 night in an apartment with no food and 4 nights in the hotel all incl. around £250 in total, each.)
  • By eating out in a restaurant you will probably spend around 10-15€ per person for a meal and drink. One whole pizza is usually around 8-10€ in a restaurant. (I don’t share a pizza! :D)
  • Drink in a club (Pacha, Amnesia,…) will cost you a bit. Most clubs allow you to pre-book drinks before you arrive, on their website. We bought few drinks before going out in a supermarket. 200ml bottle of water in Pacha cost me 9€.
  • Closing party ticket to a big club if booked online will cost you around 40€.
  • Buses and boat taxis are super cheap. They charge you based on travel time. Boat across the bay was 3€ one way, boat trip on Cala Bassa beach (around 40mins way from San Antonio Bay) was 10€ return. Bus across Ibiza between 2-3€.

A trip to Ibiza Castle. The view was stunning.

Ibiza_view_1Ibiza_viewIbiza_castleIbiza floraibiza hillsibiza castleibiza castle close

Ibiza Town

ibiza seaibiza flowersIbiza fish seaIbiza houseibiza palmsibiza centre pacha restaurantibiza architectureibiza architecture 2

Bondi in San Antonio

Detox waterIbiza bondiPizza Bondi Ibiza

San Antonio

Ibiza San AntonioIbiza shopping 2Ibiza shoppingIbiza street shoppingibiza sunset 3Ibiza treeibiza walkIiza boatsibiza sunset 2

I really hope this was a little helpful for you. Have you ever been to Ibiza? What part have you visited? 🙂



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